Our geospatial services staff works with a variety of software to obtain, edit and maintain data and/or maps that are combined with geographically referenced data. We relate different types of information such as land usage/land cover, infrastructure, environmental, transportation networks, demographic, administrative requirements, socio-economic and political boundaries to one another.

To display data in a meaningful and easily interpreted manner, our staff creates products ranging from themed paper maps to interactive map products in web applications and GPS units. We assist in site selection, desktop site reviews and comparisons, as well as a variety of environmental evaluations of potential project sites.

Additionally, we have several staff members that are FAA licensed to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/Drones) to provide the most up-to-date site information including aerial imagery, rough topographic information and video products. This information has been used for inspections, site progress monitoring and state/federal agency coordination.