SCI has trained, licensed expert pilots utilizing UAV/Drone technology. This allows us to get a unique perspective of project areas for our clients, especially those who are not able to be on-site throughout the construction phase.

Video and photographic documentation is available for a wide range of services including stream bank restoration, construction sites and many other developments. The UAV/Drone units also provide a wealth of information for natural resource, cultural resource and building rehabilitation projects. Without this technology, many architectural details would be lost to clients, as they are not able to be captured by more traditional forms of video or photography.

Additional uses for SCI’s UAV/Drone Technology includes rough volume estimates, litigation documentation, property damage recording and roof inspections with thermal imaging.

Advances in this relatively new technology allow us to capture up-to-the-hour overhead views on site developments. This enhanced time-lapse perspective improves the overall construction process and can expedite decision making, and in some cases, prevent costly mistakes.