The Construction Services Group offers a staff of professional engineers, engineering technicians, laboratory technicians, and special inspectors who are licensed or certified to provide a wide variety of field, laboratory and quality control services.

SCI’s Construction Services staff have the depth and capacity to handle the toughest of jobs and schedules for a wide variety of transportation and building projects. The group has extensive experience providing services in accordance with all applicable federal, state and county specifications and regulations throughout the Midwest region, and our staff are currently certified by MoDOT, IDOT, TxDOT, International Code Council (ICC), and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).


Special inspections are inspections and tests of building components critical to the building’s structural integrity. The demand for special inspections is increasing due to higher design capacities and the city’s desire to increase quality control. Special inspections can help identify defects and deficient work resulting in fewer problems and a dramatic improvement in the quality of construction.

The special inspection process is in addition to those inspections conducted by the municipal building inspector and the engineer or architect. SCI’s Special Inspection Group works closely with clients to inspect and test the materials used in construction to minimize risks and liabilities.

Our special inspection group is overseen by a certified Master of Special Inspection and our inspectors are certified by the International Code Council, American Welding Society, and American Concrete Institute.

Special Inspection Services Include:

  • Structural Steel Welding and Bolting
  • Structural Masonry
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Post-Tensioned Concrete
  • Roof anchor testing

SCI’s laboratories are overseen by a Corporate Quality Assurance Manager. The laboratories are staffed by qualified engineering technicians and are validated by the USACE and AASHTO accredited.

The benefits of selecting SCI to provide laboratory services include:

  • Quick Turn-Around/Ability to Meet Tight Deadlines
  • Ability to Develop New Tests to Accommodate Client Needs
  • Pickup/Drop-off Services
  • Multiple Drop-off Locations
  • Most Delivery Formats Provided
  • Competitive Rates/Volume Pricing

SCI currently has the necessary equipment, licenses, and trained staff to perform the following tests in accordance with applicable ASTM and AASHTO standards:

  • Direct Shear
  • Triaxial Strength
  • Consolidation/Swell
  • Hydraulic-conductivity
  • High Volume Index Testing
  • Pervious Concrete Cylinder Permeability
  • Recycled Concrete Aggregate Testing

For more information about
Construction Services, please contact:

Dave Nolan, P.E.

Vice President, Construction Services