With a proven track record in providing multi-discipline services concurrently on major corridor projects, SCI is uniquely positioned to play an integral role for all transit, multimodal, airport, railroad, street, pedestrian, and trail projects. We are currently prequalified or hold blanket purchase agreements with the Department of transportation for IDOT, MODOT, TXDOT , CDOT as well as numerous regional counties and municipalities.

Since transportation projects typically involve multiple engineering disciplines, SCI offers a team of highly skilled and experienced staff of professional engineers, scientists and engineering technicians to assist State Departments of Transportation and local agencies in delivering their transportation program.

“I have used SCI for many years on various roadway and bridge transportation projects throughout the St. Louis region and beyond. The availability of your staff and technicians has been extremely helpful in getting the job done.”

Kelly Hayes, P.E.
Senior Construction Engineer
Horner & Shifrin, Inc