Whether SCI is in the field working on a project or at the office, in our hometowns or visiting a new place, we care about our co-workers, clients and communities.

The owners of the company lead by example and incorporate the entire staff in their overall vision for SCI. Interactive social events, monthly corporate communications meetings, annual picnics and community-wide charitable events are all part of the SCI's culture.

SCI strives to make sure that no matter where we are, who we are working with, or why we are there, we are making a positive impact.

Plain and simple, SCI Cares.


SCI is committed to providing a value-driven experience for our clients. This experience is customized to meet the needs of each client and the design/construction team.
Examples of how SCI brings value to major accounts include:
• Single point-of-contact for all of SCI’s services;
• Project-dedicated engineers/professionals to ensure consistency and quality;
• Aggressive and flexible schedule to meet project milestones;
• Seamless communication of test results with the construction team; and
• Comprehensive weekly updates.
We refer to this project management approach as The SCI Way. Timely communication and responsiveness can reduce the anxiety often accompanies major projects. We look forward to tailoring this approach to meet your team’s needs.


At the very heart of our Core Values is Respecting Everyone. SCI is passionate about having open dialogue from all of our employees and encouraging open communication about ways SCI can support Diversity and Inclusion.
"I am always soliciting ideas on how to improve our company and I strongly believe that the more diversified a workforce the more it fosters our company values of caring and respecting. This will only ever improve our company and the services we provide."
President and CEO Scott Harding