Our Geospatial Services staff works with a variety of software to gather, process and manage a broad spectrum of data. SCI is capable of combining that data with geographically referenced information to provide a valuable and user-friendly resource to the project team. Different types of information such as land usage/land cover, infrastructure, environmental, transportation networks, demographic, administrative requirements, socio-economic and political boundaries can quickly be evaluated.

To display data in a meaningful and easily interpreted manner, our staff creates products including themed paper maps and interactive map products which are easily accessed by various web applications and GPS units. By accumulating various data in a single platform, SCI can assist clients in site selection, planning efforts, and limit potential liabilities and project costs. Our professional engineers and scientists work seamlessly with the Geospatial Services staff to provide the most appropriate technical information for the specific project being evaluated.

As an enhancement to SCI’s Geospatial Service offerings, our staff are FAA- licensed to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/Drones) and able to provide the most up-to-date site information including aerial imagery, topographic information and video products. This information has been used for inspections, construction monitoring and state/federal agency coordination.

Geospatial Services

• Custom Interactive Web Map Applications
• Real-Time GPS Data Collection and Reporting
• Site Selection Assessment and Assistance
• Traffic Noise Modeling, Abatement, and Analysis
• Groundwater Bedrock, Sub-Surface Modeling
• Geotechnical Investigation Exhibits
• Environmental Survey Support and Data Management
• Natural Resource Risk Modeling
• Construction Observation Data Reporting
• Mine Subsidence Data Management, Analysis, and Support
• Slope and Surface Movement Modeling and Reporting
• Site Sketches and Geospatial Data Representation

UAV Services

• Photogrammetry For Large Area Aerial Views and 3d Modeling
• Construction Progress Monitoring
• Building Inspections
• Unstable Slope Inspections and Modeling