Industrial owners and manufacturers are confronted with unique challenges when constructing, expanding or managing industrial or manufacturing facilities. SCI engineers, scientists, and technicians understand this high pressure climate and regularly provide services under often challenging site conditions and while adhering to stringent safety regulations.

SCI delivers multi-discipline consulting and testing services to support site selection, design, and construction for warehouses, industrial parks, manufacturing plants, logistic and distribution centers, refinery and ethanol facilities , as well as manufacturing conversions. We offer specialized testing for vibration monitoring, as well as friction and reflective testing. In addition, we have significant and proven experience working as a liaison with regulatory agencies and communicating among and providing services to owners, managers, designers and constructors.

“Thank you for your professional approach to the investigation. We appreciate the technical expertise, sense of urgency, openness and common sense that you brought to the archaeological investigations of the site. This project was under substantial time and monetary constraints and you were able to develop an approach to investigating the site that was both meaningful and cost effective.”

Ryan Hodges, P.E.
Duke Realty